Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

Needle & Glassie ♥

Living creatures

 Needle Necklace idr 25.000/each
 SoSo Necklace idr. 25.000

Aifish Necklace idr. 25.000

Dory Necklace idr. 25.000

Iflow Necklace idr. 25.000

 Marris Doll Necklace idr. 25.000

 Moshi Necklace idr. 25.000

 Seagul Navy idr. 25.000
 Mibow Necklace idr. 25.000

Needle Bracelet idr. 15.000/each

Glassie Beads
These beautiful glass beads are made individually by hand, The local name for beads is manik-manik kaca and most of the work is done by native Indo artisans from Jombang East Java, Indonesia.

Wiru Bracelet idr. 35.000

Wungu Bracelet idr. 35.000

Hijoes Bracelet idr.35.000 

Cimew Bracelet idr. 35.000

Acrylic Bracelet

 Maple Brown idr. 25.000

 Maple Rainbow idr. 25.000

Minmie Bracelet idr. 30.000

Small Minmie Bracelet idr. 25.000

 Small Blaue Bracelet idr. 25.000 

Blaue Bracelet idr. 35.000

Leather Minmie Bracelet idr. 30.000

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